lunes, 4 de julio de 2016

                              G     For me , there are too many adverts on tv

                              H     Of course ,but adverts are important they give you information about are
                                      things  /  films

                             G      That is true , but if you are watching film , if  takes you so long to  watch it     
                              H    Yes ,but you are those breaks to go to the toilet or have  something to cat

                                       E  The dogs are better than cats

                                       F   Really? I don't think so

                                       E   Cats are more indepent than dogs and they don't help you so much

                                       F   Are they ? They are certainly cleaner than dogs

                               C    Vegetarian food is better than ordinary food
                               D     I don't think that's true

                               C    Vegetarian food is much healthier !!

                               D   Yes , but ordinary food has got vitamins ,too

                      A     Formula One is interesting than cycling
                      B     I don't think so . Do you?

                      A     Why ?

                      B     Because  Formula One depends on the car and cycling depends more on the



                                                      MARIE    JOHN

                             Marie John was a important writer . She was born in Shanghái
                             in 1918 , but moved to Wales at the age of twelve .When she
                             was twenty years old , she wrote her first book.
                             After going to school, she helped her parents in her house .
                             She married her husband , called Peter Parks in 1945 in Paris,
                             later her husband shut the bookshop .

                             In her free time, Marie lould reading  books and dancing .
                             When Marie wrote some books. She received the Nobel Peace
                             Prize .


                                                     TOP  TIPS FOR TEENS

                   I like clothes . I like buying clothes once a moth. Although some people
                   think it is not euough , I think my clothes are great . If you like it , you
                   should buy clothes with your Friends or whoever  you want.

                   I don't like video games . My brother and my cousins  love video games .
                   They think  the best video games in the world is GTA 5 . They shouldn't
                   watch TV and play video games .

                   My favourite website is albertomeditutor. There you can learn  English losily
                   and fast .You should visit your website. The posts , a piece of  news you find
                   in this site are interesting .