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The James Bond series focuses on a fictional British Secret Service agent created
in 1953 by writer Ian Flemig, who featured him in twelve novels and two short-story
collections .
Robin Hood was a popular hero ine English folklore who lived outside the law (an outlaw) and who hid with a gang in the forest of Sherwood and the Barnsdale near the city of Nottingham

Daniel Craig

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                                          ABOUT  ERIKA'S FAMILY

               JOURNALIST: Have  you  got  a big family ?
               ERIKA: No , I  haven't
               JOURNALIST: Have  you  got  any   pets ?
               ERIKA:  Yes, I have got  two   dogs  called  Pastora  and  Nala
               JOURNALIST: What is  your    dad's  name's  ?
               ERIKA: My  dad's   name's  Jaime
               JOURNALIST:  What is  your  mum's  name's  ?
               ERIKA: My  mum's   name's  Lorena
               JOURNALIST: Who   lives     with   you ?
               ERIKA:  My dad and mum I live with me
               JOURNALIST: Have  you got a big house ?
               ERIKA:  No , I haven' t  got a big house
               JOURNALIST: Do you  like it ?
               ERIKA: Yes , I do

                                     WILLIAM   SHAKESPEARE

        William   Shakespeare  was   born  the  26  April  1564, he was  an  English 
        poet ,playwright  and actor also  he was musician .Shakespeare  is considered
       the most  important writer  in English language.

       In 1593 and 1594,when the theatres were closed ,Shakespeare  plublished  two
       narrative  poems ,Venus and Adonis and The  Rape of  Lucrece.
       William Shakespeare  died  the 23  April  1616

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                                               MY BROTHER

          My brother  is called  Ivan and he's  12  years old .He's  a student
          and he studies al Mediterranean Sea Socundary  School , too.
          In  his free time, he likes  playing  football  with his Friends, he
          loves televisión.
          At home, he likes  playing with  his  mobile, he's  very good  at it
          and he loves all  kinds  of music, he hasn't  got  any CDS

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                                                                   MY ROOM              

                  There's  a bed   opposite   the  wardrobe .
                  There's  a window  opposite  the  door .
                  There are some  paintings  on the Wall

                     Hi! My name's  Nerea and I from  Spain. I think I'm  generous and I'm
                     kind too!

                     In my free time. I read  books ,but I don't like acting .My favourite  book
                     is ``NUNCA SERÉ TU HÉROE ´´.( I 'm a fan of the Laura Gallego) .I
                     also listen to music with my Friends, Helen and Sara.

                     Sara is  generous  and cheerful and  she  loves  Justin Bieber .
                     We dance once a week  in the afternoon. She doesn't  like  cooking.
                     Helen's  sometimes  lazy, but she is cheerful and kind .She doesn't
                     like camping .We  sometimes go out.

domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

                                            MY FREE TIME

                  Hi  Helen!
                  How  are things  in Spain? Thanks  for  your email ,
                  and sorry for  not  replying before .I' m studying
                  because  I have three exams  at school .

                  In your  message you ask about my free time. I' m
                  into music. I always listen to pop music and country
                  music with my Friends .I don´t  like  latin music .
                  At the moment  I´m  listening  to  one  pop álbum
                  by Sweet California

                 I also  watch  flims  in my house with  my Friends
                 Anna and Sarah My favourite flim is ``THE LONGEST