viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

                                    MARTIN LUTHER KING JR

        Martin was born on 15th January 1929 . At he age of thirty- five, Martin Luther  King
       JR was  the  youngest  man  to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. He was an American
       Baptist minister,  activist  humanitarian and leader in the African - American Civil  Rights      
       Movement .

       The  Young man , he was very  Smart and skipped the 9th and 11th Grade Martin
        Luther King JR met  a Coretta Scott at Boston University. Dr King married Coretta
        Scott while attending Boston university .

       Martin Luther King, first the attention national. Martin Luther King  JR,  was  fatally
       shot by James Earl  Ray . He died on 4th  April 1968 on november 2 rd  1983  a federal
       holiday was declared in honor of Martin Luther King. Rosa Parks with  Martin Luther
       King defended human rights

Resultado de imagen de aliens

                                                                      MY STORY
  One  day ,  4 years ago. I had a strange experience . I was      walking 
   in the Street when I Heard a strange voice. A woman  was  running
   in the park when I ran  behind her.
Some  aliens appeared behind the woman . Ten minutes later, the  woman  was flying in the sky ,  when I saw  the aliens and the  woman
  In the end the woman went home. The next morning , the aliens got
  into the spaceship . She  was talking with them .
   The aliens  were  big , Brown  and they  had  hands. I couldn' t
    understand. What the aliens were talking  about  the woman .