lunes, 4 de julio de 2016

                              G     For me , there are too many adverts on tv

                              H     Of course ,but adverts are important they give you information about are
                                      things  /  films

                             G      That is true , but if you are watching film , if  takes you so long to  watch it     
                              H    Yes ,but you are those breaks to go to the toilet or have  something to cat

                                       E  The dogs are better than cats

                                       F   Really? I don't think so

                                       E   Cats are more indepent than dogs and they don't help you so much

                                       F   Are they ? They are certainly cleaner than dogs

                               C    Vegetarian food is better than ordinary food
                               D     I don't think that's true

                               C    Vegetarian food is much healthier !!

                               D   Yes , but ordinary food has got vitamins ,too

                      A     Formula One is interesting than cycling
                      B     I don't think so . Do you?

                      A     Why ?

                      B     Because  Formula One depends on the car and cycling depends more on the



                                                      MARIE    JOHN

                             Marie John was a important writer . She was born in Shanghái
                             in 1918 , but moved to Wales at the age of twelve .When she
                             was twenty years old , she wrote her first book.
                             After going to school, she helped her parents in her house .
                             She married her husband , called Peter Parks in 1945 in Paris,
                             later her husband shut the bookshop .

                             In her free time, Marie lould reading  books and dancing .
                             When Marie wrote some books. She received the Nobel Peace
                             Prize .


                                                     TOP  TIPS FOR TEENS

                   I like clothes . I like buying clothes once a moth. Although some people
                   think it is not euough , I think my clothes are great . If you like it , you
                   should buy clothes with your Friends or whoever  you want.

                   I don't like video games . My brother and my cousins  love video games .
                   They think  the best video games in the world is GTA 5 . They shouldn't
                   watch TV and play video games .

                   My favourite website is albertomeditutor. There you can learn  English losily
                   and fast .You should visit your website. The posts , a piece of  news you find
                   in this site are interesting .

sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

                 ASSISTANT  -  Can I help you ?
                 MEL               -  Yes. I' d  like to  look at that mobile.
                 MEL               -  How do you do it ?
                 ASSISTANT  -  Press de green key
                 MEL               -  And how does the radio work?
                 ASSISTANT  - Press  'menú ' and    select   'radio'
                 MEL               -  How do you  take a photo ?
                 ASSISTANT  -  Press the menú and select ' camera'

                               MY FAVOURITE TV PROGRAMME

                                                ''EL PRINCIPE"

         I don' t  like  watching  sports  programme  because  I don' t  like  sports .
        There are a lot of reality  shows  and music programmes ,but I prefer drama
        series .

         My  favourite TV night  is   Wednesday  because  ''EL PRINCIPE"  is on .
         It`s a series about people  from ' EL PRINCIPE  ' in Ceuta and about  police
        and drug dealers.

         My favourite character  is  Faruk . He's a drug dealer , but he helps  his sister
         be happy  with a police officer . His sister, Fatima , thinks  he's a good person.

         I like "EL PRINCIPE " because  there are a lot of different characters, so it
         isn't  boring . The  landscapes  are   good   too .

sábado, 5 de marzo de 2016

                                                    THE ENGLISH  BREAKFAST

Resultado de imagen de desayuno ingles

                        I  eat  some toast with  butter  and a glass of orange  juice  at  the weekend .
                          During the week , I eat a few biscuits and a Little orange  juice .

                          The  English breakfast ansists of some eggs , baked beans  ,sausages , a lot of
                          pudding and tomato with orange  juice .

                          The continental breakfast ansists of some toast  and jam ,cereals , some bread ,
                          a lot  of tea and some coffee.

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

                                    MARTIN LUTHER KING JR

        Martin was born on 15th January 1929 . At he age of thirty- five, Martin Luther  King
       JR was  the  youngest  man  to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. He was an American
       Baptist minister,  activist  humanitarian and leader in the African - American Civil  Rights      
       Movement .

       The  Young man , he was very  Smart and skipped the 9th and 11th Grade Martin
        Luther King JR met  a Coretta Scott at Boston University. Dr King married Coretta
        Scott while attending Boston university .

       Martin Luther King, first the attention national. Martin Luther King  JR,  was  fatally
       shot by James Earl  Ray . He died on 4th  April 1968 on november 2 rd  1983  a federal
       holiday was declared in honor of Martin Luther King. Rosa Parks with  Martin Luther
       King defended human rights

Resultado de imagen de aliens

                                                                      MY STORY
  One  day ,  4 years ago. I had a strange experience . I was      walking 
   in the Street when I Heard a strange voice. A woman  was  running
   in the park when I ran  behind her.
Some  aliens appeared behind the woman . Ten minutes later, the  woman  was flying in the sky ,  when I saw  the aliens and the  woman
  In the end the woman went home. The next morning , the aliens got
  into the spaceship . She  was talking with them .
   The aliens  were  big , Brown  and they  had  hands. I couldn' t
    understand. What the aliens were talking  about  the woman .

sábado, 23 de enero de 2016

                                                       MY CITY

           Granada' s   in the  west  of the Spain . It' s the smallest city  in Andalucía.
           Two  hundred  and thirty - seven  thousand  five hundred and forty  people
           live here . Most  people speak Spanish .
           Granada  is a great  place to visit ! You can see  the  Science  Park, museums
            and The  Alhambra (The biggest  palace). You can visit ``Serrayo´´ It  is the
          best shopping  centre in Granada.

           The  most popular tourist spot in the plane and ship . We  have  an important
          Christiam  party  called ``Semana Santa´´

           The  transport is good ,it 's bus, car ,taxi , bicycle , plane ....
           It 's cold in winter and It' s hot in summer.



domingo, 10 de enero de 2016

                            Hi! Can I help  you ?
                            Yes, What  time' s  the  next  train  to  Epsom?
                            It' s  at  11.30
                            How  much is a single to  Epsom ?
                            It  's  $  9.50
                            And how much is  a  returm  to  Epsom ?
                             It ' s  $  13.00

                                                                  Hello.What  time' s  the  next  train  to  Wembley?
                                                                  It 's at 12.00
                                                                  How  much  is  a single and a returm  to  Wembley ?
                                                                  It ' s  $ 12.00 a single and It 's $  17.50  a returm

martes, 5 de enero de 2016