sábado, 23 de enero de 2016

                                                       MY CITY

           Granada' s   in the  west  of the Spain . It' s the smallest city  in Andalucía.
           Two  hundred  and thirty - seven  thousand  five hundred and forty  people
           live here . Most  people speak Spanish .
           Granada  is a great  place to visit ! You can see  the  Science  Park, museums
            and The  Alhambra (The biggest  palace). You can visit ``Serrayo´´ It  is the
          best shopping  centre in Granada.

           The  most popular tourist spot in the plane and ship . We  have  an important
          Christiam  party  called ``Semana Santa´´

           The  transport is good ,it 's bus, car ,taxi , bicycle , plane ....
           It 's cold in winter and It' s hot in summer.



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