sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

                               MY FAVOURITE TV PROGRAMME

                                                ''EL PRINCIPE"

         I don' t  like  watching  sports  programme  because  I don' t  like  sports .
        There are a lot of reality  shows  and music programmes ,but I prefer drama
        series .

         My  favourite TV night  is   Wednesday  because  ''EL PRINCIPE"  is on .
         It`s a series about people  from ' EL PRINCIPE  ' in Ceuta and about  police
        and drug dealers.

         My favourite character  is  Faruk . He's a drug dealer , but he helps  his sister
         be happy  with a police officer . His sister, Fatima , thinks  he's a good person.

         I like "EL PRINCIPE " because  there are a lot of different characters, so it
         isn't  boring . The  landscapes  are   good   too .

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